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Do you want to haul dirt? Lift rocks? Stack bricks? Lift Stones? We didn't think so! Avoid a hernia!

Hire a pre-screened Volusia County FL concrete, brick, or stonework pro, instead!

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Hardscape Tip of the Day

When designing hardscape features, be sure to consider drainage. You always want the drainage to go away from your house. Not sure? Hire a pro, here!

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Hardscape - Your Questions Answered!

Q: I am thinking of using off-the-shelf landscaping software to desgn my backyard project. What else should I consider?

A: These software tools are interesting, and can provide you with "talking points" when starting to deal with a professional landscape designer, but there is a lot more to it than just drag-and-drop in icons in a program. Landscaping design must consider not only aesthetics, but also your climate, drainage and the structural stability of the installation. Only training and experience can provide the knowledge to do that. Hire a pro.

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Volusia County FL Concrete Brick & Stone Work

Volusia County FL Concrete Brick & Stone Work

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